NZIHL – Ice Hockey Game Information

Whether it’s your first ice hockey game or your 1,000th, you’re sure to have an action packed evening of thrills and spills!

The NZIHL (New Zealand Ice Hockey League) is New Zealand’s premiere ice hockey league, made up of 6 teams from around the country which compete in an annual competition. The league is similar to the Super Rugby format, in that the teams travel around the country playing against each other, with a playoffs format at the end of the season. The winner of the playoffs is crowned the NZIHL Champion and can proudly hoist the Birgel Cup.

I’ve never been to an ice hockey game before – what should I expect?
Expect to be blown away! Ice hockey is the fastest sport on earth and is a fantastic night out. Much more exciting than rugby (shh…you didn’t hear it from us!!). You don’t need to be a fan or seasoned expert to enjoy the game. Non-stop action from the moment the whistle blows, with big hits, goals and a small rubber puck flying through the air at speeds of up to 170km/h! We’re frequently told “How have I not come to a game sooner!?!” – so you definitely don’t want to miss out!

No, like seriously. You won’t regret coming – we’ve never heard someone say “Well that was boring…” at an ice hockey game.

How long does the game run for?
Each game typically runs for 2 – 2.5 hours. The game is played across three 20-minute periods, with two 15-minute intermissions between periods 1 & 2 and 2 & 3. This gives you plenty of time to grab more food and beer at the onsite cafe/restaurant without missing any of the action

Where are the games played in Auckland?
Ice hockey in Auckland is played at the two ice rinks:
Paradice Avondale – 150 Lansford Crescent, Avondale, Auckland 0600
Paradice Botany – 490 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany Downs, Auckland 2013

There’s plenty of parking at both venues.

What should I bring with me?
As the inside of the ice rink is cold, we recommend bringing warm clothes with you and/or blankets. Portable chairs or seat cushions are permitted, but they must be small profile and not take up unnecessary space or hinder the view of the person behind you.

What is the seating like?
All seating is general admission – first in first served – and there is standing area around the rink surface, so you can get as close as 1 metre from the action in front of you – behind safety glass boards of course!

This will be the most fun you ever have at a sporting event, so what are you waiting for?
View the full schedule and buy your tickets here.